galleria and cyclelite drupal modules

Not so long ago, I wanted to add some image related functionality to a Drupal site I was working on. I wasn't having any luck finding a suitable exisitng module. So, I quickly put these two together. They wrap jquery plugins for most of their functionality.

The cyclelite module wraps the cyclelite jQuery plugin. The module itself is little more than a search and replace job on the pngfix module. As such, it works in a very similar manner. An admin form allows you to specify a CSS class which the cyclelite plugin will be applied to. An example.

The galleria module is minimally more involved. It provides a simple gallery node type. Display of the gallery is handled by the galleria jQuery plugin. Drupal's built in image handling functions are used for cropping and resizing. An admin form allows you to set the size of the currently displayed image in the gallery. An example.