songkran, again

It's the middle of April, the height of the hot season, and a fine time to throw water in an uncontrollable fashion on any and everyone you happen to meet. It's Songkran again. Songkran is Thai New Year, a Bhuddist holiday, and generally a good time. I've not been the most festive, but I did get a bit wet and inebriated yesterday. It was a good time, especially considering the heat. On account of staying in, and my digital camera giving up the ghost, I haven't gotten an pictures this year. So, I've put up a few pictures from two years ago.

I've also put up some photos from COMEST. On account of that ailing camera, its taken a bit of time to collect these from various other people that went. I've got a few more I want to put up there, and then I'll see if I can't write something clever about the whole experience. It was quite fun.